about us

Family beach day

Hello! Welcome to this crazy adventure of ours we call life! While that may not sound super exciting or adventurous, we can assure you that with two small children, two big dogs and a need to explore our world together, things can get pretty exciting pretty quickly.

Growing up, we both camped, fished, hiked and hunted with our families, him in the Pacific Northwest and her in the Eastern Sierras. While the terrain may look a little different and the climates may differ too, the strong desire to be out in the beautiful wilderness, exploring nature is the same. Now that we have our own family, we are (hopefully!) passing that same love of all things natural with our children, starting even before they were born.

Since we got together over 15 years ago, we have always jumped in the truck and headed off down the nearest dirt road (or highway) every chance we get. When we added our two pups to the mix, we would look for swimming holes for them to exercise and cool off in. Then, when we had our first child, we tweaked our methods a tad but still continued to find adventures where we could, even if they were a little closer to home. By the time we had our second, we were confident enough to take her on a two-week camping trip at two months old and never look back! (although, to be honest, not being a colicky baby made all the difference between the two)

So, while we are based in Southern California, we explore all over, from San Diego to Seattle and the coastline to the mountains. We look forward to having you join us on our adventures, from beaches to backroads!