the eastern sierras are calling and we must go

When I was less than a year old, my parents began taking me up to the Eastern Sierras for winter skiing and snowboarding and summer hiking and fishing. I’ve always felt that the Sierras were in my blood, and, in a way, they are.

My ancestry includes the Kuzedika Paiute, who lived on the shores of Mono Lake, as well as the European immigrants who settled in the area, marrying into the Paiute tribe. From a young age, I was taught all about my heritage, meeting distant relatives who always made us feel welcome and researching and writing many a term paper on my people. Read More

we are off and running!


We thought about carefully planning and strategizing our very first blog post but decided to go play at the beach instead. I figured that’s kind of the whole point of this blog so why not kick things off with some sun, sand and fun?

We’re excited to share our adventures with you so hold on tight, off we go!