fishing report: rawson’s ponds

While fishing in the Eastern Sierras this month, in the area surrounding Bishop California, I was nearly skunked on the entire trip. I mean, multiple days, multiple baits, and multiple places with no fish. On the very last day, Dee decided to pull out Google Maps and check out the flat lands following the Owens River that we’d never explored before.

To my surprise, we saw multiple ponds, which looked fishable. We loaded up in the 4×4 and said, “Let’s go!”

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eastern sierras travel journal: bodie

The mornings in mid-October in June Lake are chilly but warm up quickly – each day started at about 20 degrees but soon heated up to a whopping 60 degrees, which made it comfortable in a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt.

IMG_0032After checking our crawdad trap first thing – we got skunked – we packed up the truck and headed off to Bodie State Park, in the Bodie Hills just east of Bridgeport, near the Nevada border.

Bodie is the coolest ghost town I’ve ever seen. Let me repeat, Bodie is the coolest ghost town. Ever. Read More

fishing report: june lake loop

The June Lake Loop itself is home to many hiking trails for all levels, and fishable lakes, streams, and rivers. On our most recent trip to the area, in October 2017, I spent most of my time at June and Gull lakes. These lakes both have marinas and boats available for rent, and were very accessible for personal boat and kayak launches and shore fishing.

IMG_0132From the campground, I was able to cart my kayak down the road maybe a quarter of a mile (minus the little fisherman) and easily use the launch ramp to launch my kayak at Gull Lake. Gull Lake is smaller than June, so I was able to cover more ground and see exactly where the fish were more quickly. Read More

eastern sierras travel journal: june lake loop

The first day of this trip, we grabbed breakfast at the Tiger Bar (be sure to try the Tiger Chips!) and drove the full June Lake Loop to see how everything is since we last visited during the early summer. Though we’re nearing winter again, there was still plenty of snowmelt and the rivers were flowing beautifully, filling the lakes. June Lake Loop includes four lakes: June, Gull, Silver and Grant, though there are others in the higher elevations, reachable by hiking trails around the loop.


The best part of visiting the Eastern Sierras in the fall, particularly early to mid-October, is the changing color of the leaves. Though I have seen thousands of incredible images of the fall colors in the Sierras, nothing does the first-hand experience justice — the flame-colored leaves blowing the crisp, cool mountain air and, depending on where you pull over or hike to enjoy the colors, more than likely you’re in the company of a few deer grazing the meadow next to you.

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the eastern sierras are calling and we must go

When I was less than a year old, my parents began taking me up to the Eastern Sierras for winter skiing and snowboarding and summer hiking and fishing. I’ve always felt that the Sierras were in my blood, and, in a way, they are.

My ancestry includes the Kuzedika Paiute, who lived on the shores of Mono Lake, as well as the European immigrants who settled in the area, marrying into the Paiute tribe. From a young age, I was taught all about my heritage, meeting distant relatives who always made us feel welcome and researching and writing many a term paper on my people. Read More